Dear Time Magazine

Dear Time Magazine,


A full cover. A friendly face. Millions of people will see and read your sentences about Marine le Pen and the Front National.

Thank you, dear Time Magazine. Really, thanks for making such an incredible publicity to such a dangerous person. To such a dangerous party.

You say that this political party could be compared to the american Tea Party. You seems to consider that Marine le Pen could be an usual, banal, normal leader.

Thanks for this brilliant conclusion.

I’m sure that the young norwegian victims from Anders Breivik would have appreciate your way to describe our little frenchie Iron Lady: you know, Breivik’s ideas are so close to Madame le Pen’s war against Muslim power in Europe…

Yes, I agree with you, we have not to ask us if the Front National is dangerous, and I sure that the many turkish victims of german neo Nazis could have share your these: burning houses with lots of Turkish and black children is not a crime, it’s just …

Yes, in fact, how do you call this?

And how do you call “Shoah”, in english? Oh, yeap, I remember, I think you say “Holocaust”, isn’t it? This old european story, a few million people burning and dying and a man, a certain Hitler, such a respectable politician, full of legality and proud to be the Führer of a new world order, on this 30 January 1933…

You think I’m crazy? You think I’m dreaming? You think I’m just a german teacher and not a journalist or essayist, not able to give a sense to history and politics?

Perhaps you’re wright. And perhaps it’s true, that certain liberal ideas from Marine le Pen about Europe, about health care reform or ecology can be compared to the program from the Tea Party.

But in France, you know, two years ago, in my “pink city” Toulouse, a man shout jewish kids down, in their jewish school, just because they were jewish. A few years ago, a yong man called Ilan Halimi was tortured weeks along, before being murdered and burned. Just because he was jewish. But in France, last autumn, a man called Dieudonné, pretending he was an humorist, invented a new way to say “hi”, making a inversed nazi salutation with this arm, called “quenelle”. In all his shows, this man made a joke about the “Shoah”, singing “Shoah- ananas”, as if the holocaust could be a funky fucking good song and joke about fruits.

I don’t know if you know that Marine le Pen’s father, Jean-Marie le Pen, often made this sort of jokes about the holocaust.

I don’t know if you know that Marine le Pen herself often speaks and laugh with persons of the neo nazi circles.


Dear Time Magazine, I always learned and thought that YOU were one of the best, brilliant, neutral, impartial, respectable and intelligent newspaper of the world.

Today I’m sad, I feel upset and I ask you to apologize for your apology of non-sense.


Sabine Aussenac.

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